Join us this November on the campus of Washing Adventist University for an inspiring three-day event. The largest and longest running Adventist athletic event in the world will be hosted just outside the Nations capitol. Acrofest has surpassed 25 years of bringing together acrobatic gymnasts of every level from all corners of North America to learn and share their skills with others. This will be an amazing opportunity for each team to grow and build upon whatever skill set their athletes possess.
The Acro-Fest tradition dates back more then 25 years under various names and in various forms. It is the largest known, longest running Adventist Athletic event in the world, and can trace its's roots to early Adventist education long before teams existed. Acrobatics and Gymnastics has been used for exercise and has been taught and shared from one group to another for a long time. This tradition has taken new form and and a formal name in the recent 25 years and has become a time to grow, share, learn, worship and fellowship in a sport that has a mission and a purpose. It has transformed the lives of the participant, and made a genuine impact on those who who watch the performances and participate in the clinics.

Building the Dream has two applications as a theme for AcroFest 2017:

The first is how we build our routines. As a team, we take basic
skills that our team members work on - that by themselves may be less
impressive, or incomplete - and combine them together to make
incredible outcomes where the skills create
a pyramid, stunt or set of tumblers
synchronized together that inspires awe. We do
this in a way that can not be done without the whole
team creating a vision or "dream."

The second application is deeper in our lives with respect to
God's plan for his world and the Christian communities' role in this "dream".
In our separate lives, we build with limited tools which to the world seem like no more than toys (LEGO toys). But when we build our lives in the shape of Christ and his sacrifice, our impact and the shadow we
cast has a longstanding impact (the LEGO toy cast a shadow of real wood in the logo).